The Landscapes & Mountains

The main source of power is brought to you from the sun through solar cells, which makes it the first camp in Jordan that fully conserves nature and environment.
The current used at the camp is 220W. However, ambient oil lanterns and candles are also available for further enhancing the atmosphere of adventure and a sense of romance.
Water is transported from a borehole and consequently very safe and reliable. Bottled water is provided for our guests throughout their stay.

There is hardly any GSM reception in the area of the camp.
During summer we recommend comfortable and casual clothes, long and short sleeves, comfortable walking shoes, sun hat, sunglasses and sun protection creme.

In winter we recommend you dress up warmly with long sleeved clothes, trousers and a warm jacket. Summer is very hot and dry falls in July & August Autumn is milder and falls between September and November Winter is generally dry cold especially at night and runs from December through February Spring is pleasant during the day yet can be chilly during the nights. This beautiful season, when the desert is known to spring in to bloom, runs from March through June Our camp location is guarded 24 hours and generally it is very safe.

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